Narcotics, Sleeping pills prescribing policy

  • Doctors don’t prescribe narcotic (opioid) medications (Percocet, Oxycocet, Oxycontin, Dilaudid, Morphine, Tylenol #3, etc.)  for Non cancer patients. 

  • These medications are only appropriate in very few situations and come with a high risk of side effects, including addiction. 

  • we will not prescribe narcotic medications in most cases, including if you are already on these medications or if they have been prescribed by another doctor.  If we do prescribe these medications, I have every patient sign a contract and participate in regular drug testing. Any breach of the contract may result in being discharged from my practice.

No show Policy

   Missing an appointment causes great disruptions for many reasons and we will be implementing     seriously:

  1. The Doctor assigned to see you has a period of 'wasted time' in his/her schedule.

  2. Time taken by the team member to prepare for your visit is wasted.

  3. A patient who has need of an appointment is prevented from being scheduled.


  • If you can’t attend your appointment, please give at least 24-48 hours for cancellations so that we may open that spot for other patients.

  • If appointments are missed. we will have be charging $ 30.00 for regular visits and $50.00 longer appointments such as physicals, Pap smear, counselling.

  • This policy is approved by OMA.

Lab Policy


  • Please be informed that your Lab results, X-ray, Ultrasound imaging. If they are normal the clinic will not call you back.

  • If you want to discuss you have the option to book an appointment and discuss with Dr.

  • If your results are having any concern. We will 100 % call you back and discuss.

  • If you do Blood work at Alpha  lab you can see online.​

  • Also if you are registered we can put on our patient portal.


Continuity of care policy


  • To allow for better continuity of care, patient’s will only be allowed to book appointments with their own Family Doctor. Please call ahead to book an appointment or make one online.

  • Please also ensure that you come to the correct location Maple at Markham or Noble at Eglinton.

  • If your family Doctor is on vacation, please call us if you have any URGENT medical conditions and we will try our best to reschedule with one of our other family physicians in the two clinics

Diagnostic Reports  printing reports Policy.

  • Patients has right to discuss reports with doctor, however printing, emailing of reports like lab work, ultrasound and x-ray,  is not covered by OHIP. So please understand that it has additional burden for our staff and Doctors.

  • Reports will not be emailed for security reason as it has your sensitive health information, so printed copies can be picked up at the clinic.  For similar reason prescription will be faxed to Pharmacy, Lab request will be faxed to Lab as faxing is secure way to protect your information.

  • Please read HIPPA and PIPEDA about health records security.

  • We have patient portal to securely send various forms to patient's. Please register for portal