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Mon-Fri: 4:30pm-6pm
Sat: 10am-3pm

(Booked appointments only)

Address: 1051 Markham Road,

Scarborough, ON, M1H 2Y5
(located inside Maple Health Clinic)

Phone: 647-576-7007
Fax: 647-480-5065



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We offer comprehensive assessment services with respect to recent hand injuries or longer term chronic conditions.

This includes but is not limited to gathering a subjective history of the clients injury or condition, evaluating the current function of the clients hand using various standardized measures, as well as gathering information from the referral.

Custom Splinting

Thermoplastic splints (orthoses) are custom-made for you during the visit to address any of the following needs:

  • to immobilize or stabilize a joint

  • to ease pain or inflammation

  • to protect against injury or re-injuries

  • to correct or prevent deformity

  • to promote healing of tissues or bones.

Treatment / Follow-Up

Whether you require a splint modification, additional visits for consultation, recommendations for a home program or ongoing therapy, Maple Hand Therapy can meet your needs.

We offer treatments that improve range of motion, strength and sensitivity in your fingers and hands. Our clinic offers various modalities and equipment that will allow you to optimize your treatment plan.

Occupational Therapist

Ankit has his Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy from Queen’s University, as well his Honours Bachelor in Human Kinetics from University of Ottawa.  He has worked in a variety of acute, rehab and community settings. He has worked extensively with clients diagnosed with mental health issues, musculoskeletal injuries to upper


and lower extremities, as well as neurological conditions. His primary interests include working with patients with upper extremity dysfunction due to injury/trauma, stroke, repetitive strain or chronic conditions.


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  • What can a thermoplastic splint do for me?
    Thermoplastic splints (orthoses) are custom-made for you to address any of the following needs: to immobilize or stabilize a joint, to provide support, to ease pain or inflammation, to protect against injury or re-injury, to promote healing of tissues or bones, and/or to correct or prevent deformity.
  • Are thermosplastic splints custom-made for me?
    These splints are custom-designed, molded with heat and tailored to your fingers, hand, or arm to ensure optimal fit and comfort. They can also be remolded by your therapist as you recover or should your needs change.
  • What conditions do splints treat?
    These personalized splints may be prescribed by your doctor or specialist, or recommended by your physiotherapist or occupational therapist for any number of conditions, including: Repetitive strain (i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome, DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis, tendinopathies) Progressive conditions such as Dupuytren’s contracture Neurological conditions such as head injury or stroke Degenerative changes from all forms of arthritis If your condition cannot be categorized into one of the above categories, please contact us or come-in for an assessment.
  • How long does it take to make a thermoplastic splint?
    Splints are usually fabricated and completed on the first visit. A thorough initial assessment includes not only your health history but also your roles and task demands in everyday life. This appointment is usually 45-60 mins in length.
  • How can I prepare for the appointment?
    On the day of your initial visit, please check-in at the front desk. It is recommended that you bring any medical report(s), referral letter(s) and form(s) that may need to be filled out for reimbursement through your insurance provider. Wear comfortable clothing that is loose so I can access the involved body structures during manual treatments. I see only one patient at a time, in a private setting. This allows me to give my full attention to you and your individual needs. Sessions last between 45 to 60 minutes and occasionally last 90 minutes for more involved issues.
  • How do I care for a thermoplastic splint?
    Thermoplastic splints are durable, light-weight, washable and easy to take on/off with Velcro attachments. They can be worn in the shower or bath if necessary – no need to cover! You can wash your splint with water and soap. Caution: Do not leave your splint in a hot environment. This includes your car or windows on a hot sunny day, the kitchen while cooking, near ducts or heaters. Also, make sure you don’t use hot water to clean your splint. If you have any further questions, please consult with your therapist.
  • How does a store-bought splint compare?
    These splints are less bulky and far more individualized than an over-the-counter splint. Your therapist utilizes his/her extensive knowledge of anatomy and bio-mechanics, along with a clear understanding of your condition to fabricate a splint that is unique to your splinting needs.
  • Is the cost of the assessment and splints covered by OHIP, ODSP, WSIB or my private insurance provider?"
    OHIP – Unfortunately, OHIP does not cover the cost of your hand assessment and custom splints. ODSP/WSIB – Unfortunately, we do not directly bill to these programs at the moment. Please check with your ODSP or WSIB caseworker, if you have any further questions. Private Insurance – Many insurance providers cover the cost of occupational therapy assessments and orthoses. Please check the coverage with your provider. Currently, we do not perform direct billing. However, we will be happy to fill out any forms and provide receipts for insurance reimbursements.
  • How can I pay for the visit(s)?
    We currently accept cash, debit and credit card payments.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located inside Maple Clinic at 1051 Markham Road, Scarborough, ON, M1H 2Y5. Please check-in at the front desk upon your arrival.

Ankit Dhawan

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