Patient Portal

Please register only, if you are a patient at Maple Clinic. If you want to become a patient at our clinic go to

Please scroll down and click Register for Patient Portal or go to 

This is a messaging system similar to email but more secure that will allow your physician and clinic staff members to send secure messages and documents to you. 
Patient also can send secure message to clinic for requesting any service.

Don't Phone - Just send message its quicker.
Setting required for browser on phone.
  1. Go to Customize and control Google Chrome in the top right corner and click Settings.

  2. Go to Privacy and security.

  3. Click Cookies and other site data. Select the Allow all cookies radio button

  1. Go to Safari -> Preferences and click Privacy.

  2. Uncheck the following options:

    • Prevent cross-site tracking

    • Block all cookies

  1. Go to Settings -> Safari.

  2. Under Privacy and Security, turn off the following options:

    • Prevent Cross-Site Tracking

    • Block All Cookies

This service is not for emergency any urgent medical condition go to Emergency services in Hospital.

Your User Name will always be health card for OHIP patients.

This service is required due to medical regulations HIPPA and PIPEDA to save your personal information.